• Up to 15 sports cars, each with one driver, take part in the tour
  • Exclusive – only invited persons will take part in the tour
  • We offer individual tours with unique hotels and an exclusive supporting programme
  • The tour leads over routes with a wonderful view and guarantees a driving experience of the extra class
  • It is all about a great shared driving experience
  • The tours are currently limited to Europe, soon also spectacular experiences in the USA and Asia are planned

  • We offer participants the possibility to drive on certain tours in restricted areas and routes
  • All media material is anonymous, as data protection is important for our participants
  • If you are invited or selected, you will receive two exclusive stickers for your car
  • We select our participants according to special criteria to ensure a unique experience
  • Our sponsors and we offer you the possibility for Business Networking



  • We combine the passion for sports cars with unique journeys and the bonus of exclusive networking
  • We attach great importance to exclusivity and individual planning for each member
  • Unique events and many exciting experiences are offered for selected participants
  • Enjoy the uniqueness of our tours
  • No duties, only freedoms – this provides the perfect mixture of adrenaline, well-being and high-level feeling


The demand for our first Circle Tour has more than confirmed the interest in our concept. As we have many years of experience in building teams and selecting the right participants for networking events, we guarantee an interesting group of participants for our exclusive events.


The sponsors will be individually approached to the participants specially selected by the partners and us in order to be able to guarantee a tour as ideally as possible and to create a phenomenal experience.





The idea for this event came alive by Marco Schiller and Hannes Beierlein when they discussed the participation in one of the famous sports car events.


It quickly became clear that there was a gap to be filled in this type of event. The InspiredBySports team took over the design and marketing of the concept. We offer a more unique, anonymous and flexible part of a sports car event. Our concept fits a target group that wants to have fun but wants to feel good and mysterious.

After a first successful tour with selected people, the plan to establish the Circle Tour was quickly put into practice.


We are looking forward to an exciting time with speed, fun and exclusivity.


Let’s do this!!!


For further information or to send a request as participant or sponsor, please write to



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What’s the next step?

After you have filled out the contact form completely and sent your request, you will receive a personal mail to the email address you provided (please also check your spam folder). To get into the selection of participants for the Circle Tour you only have to confirm your request by clicking on the link. Your request will then be checked by us and our partners. In any case you will receive a notification from us. We would like to thank you for your interest in participating in the Circle Tour. Let’s drive together!!


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