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It is no secret that professional gamer can earn a lot of respect and money with their profession. Now the competitive gaming has proceeded towards e-sports: From September 24 on, Logitech G invited racing gamer to compete in their Logitech G Challenge.


E-racing fascinates more and more gamer with its challenging and action-packed races and the hairsbreadth decisions over victory and defeat. This is why Logitech G in cooperation with McLaren Shadow Project, FA Racing, Playseat, Veloce Sports and Project CARS 2 challenges gamers all over Europe to show off their virtual gaming skills dirung the Logitech G Challenge. The winner is granted not only fame and honor, but also generous prizes.


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Like every year for their F1® Connectivity Innovation Prize, Tata Communications asks Formula 1 enthusiasts for innovative ideas and technologies to revolutionize sportscast. InspiredBySports had an interview with Mehul Kapadia, Managing Director of Tata Communications’ F1 Business and the company’s Global Head of Marketing.


For some years Tata Communications has been the official Connectivity Provider to Formula 1®. To offer the fans an even better experience of their favourite sport, Tata Communication asks every year for entries to their F1® Connectivity Innovation Prize which proves innovative and revolutionary for broadcasting in terms of ideas and technologies. The winner is chosen by an expert panel, which includes four-time world champion Lewis Hamilton among other, and includes a prize money of 50.000 US Dollars.


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The golfing season is full in progress and the first holes are scored. Yet somehow you are not quite pleased with your performance, even if you are just an amateur. We have some very useful tips for you, how you can improve your golf skills.


This summer is literally perfect to spend a lot of time on the gold court. Even if you are not a professional, golfing can be a lot of fun. Nevertheless, even amateurs want to improve their game step by step. What is important to see some improvement in your game, is to set goals for yourself, because if you do not have any goal, you will not motivate yourself to reach those. Here are some very important tips for how to set your goals and improve your gold play.


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